Is Wisdom Tooth Removal Necessary For Everyone?

It is possible that many of you had your wisdom tooth and you may not even notice it and someone has asked you and said you to go for wisdom tooth removal but this is not necessary at all. Many dentists suggest that even a healthy wisdom tooth could cause many oral health problems in the future and it is better to have this removed once it comes out but this does not apply to everyone. Many people live a healthy oral life even without the wisdom tooth removal and it completely depends on the person and his wisdom tooth. Although the experience is not the same for everyone, for most of the people the wisdom tooth is a curse and these causes them a lot of pain and this could be very cruel.

What do experts say?

Many researchers have been researching on the fact that whether the surgeries have any use or not and the research and experts have been found out that in majority of the cases, the wisdom tooth removal is the wastage of the money and the time and people have to go through a lot of pain without any outcome. Although, one thing must be very clear that all the wisdom teeth do not require removal but for the people who are in a lot pain and suffering these are very much necessary.

In some countries such as the UK, this procedure was stopped for the healthy wisdom tooth and said that only those wisdom tooth must be removed which are causing trouble but in countries like the USA and Australia, it is standard procedure to have wisdom tooth removal. Although it may seem overstatement but everyone has their appendix but the doctors do not remove everyone’s appendix because for many people it does not cause any problem throughout their life and same is the case with the wisdom tooth.

What if you are actually having the problem?

The wisdom tooth comes in the teen or the adulthood and it is important to keep track of it and keep yourself abreast of the problems you might face after the emerging of the wisdom tooth because if you are having problems after it but these are not severe and you may ignore it then this is not healthy because the Chatswood dentists say that even if there are minor problems in the wisdom tooth then you must take them out in the early ages because at this point it is very easy to recover from the surgery because nerves are fresh and could heal easily and quickly than it is at later in life.