Are You Planning Your Own Wedding?

Planning anything can be quite demanding and organising a wedding is the epitome of it. Hiring a wedding planning professional is ideal however working under tight budgets and sometimes time constraints can lead to someone planning their own marriage celebration. Some brides like to take the DIY route as well. However stressful it can be, planning your own wedding is not so bad either.

Get organised!

You will be buried in endless tasks, lists, demands, requests and so on. There will be decisions to make that could affect other people and even yourself, once the ceremony is over! You will be wondering what would you be feeling once the rose gold invitations were chosen instead of the pink ones? What would your future spouse and his or her family say if you by an oversight you forgot to invite someone special? So calm down and talk to your spouse. Make some ground rules and remember to never overlook them. For example, if the two of you decided on a lawn wedding, do not change it to anyone’s advice. If you want to have a church function, go ahead. Do make your rules and follow them through but do it in an organised manner so no one can point the finger at you.

First things first

Once you are a bit accustomed to the wedding fever, you must sit down and think of what to do first. A budget is one of the main things to compose in the initial stage. For that, you need to know how many people are coming for the wedding, that is the guest list, as reserving a venue will depend on that. All these will include a discussion with your family as well as your spouse’s. it could be ugly at times too! So be prepared to face anything and remember the ground rules you set that are not to be changed. However, do not delay this talk due to the fear of backlash from the relatives, you must do it some day if this wedding is to be gotten through. Also add an extra amount of money to the final budget as you may never know what will pop up when the actual process of planning is going on. Be on the look out for sales, bargains, free giveaways etc. You can still have an amazing wedding on a tight budget if you are careful.

Get in to the smaller details

With the money matters sorted, you can now plan the fine details. Go through the magazines and tv shows, talk to friends and family and get inspired. With their ideas added, you can think of a theme and others to go in-line with it. Decide on décor, black and white invitations or embossed ones, bridesmaids’ dress and ornaments, cake and so on. You can also think of the recent weddings you have attended.But do not just follow what is in vogue blindly. Some people use up all the money they have; there is no reason to spend like everyone else. It is your wedding and you can decide what to follow and what not to. You can save money by planning the wedding yourself. But make sure you do it right so you can be proud of yourself. Visit this link for more info on black and white invitations,