Four Common Workplace Electrical Hazards And Ways To Prevent Them

Electricity, as useful as it may be in our everyday life, can often times be the cause if serious injuries or even fatalities if exposed to too much. In fact, electrocution is one of the leading causes of workplace injuries in Australia. As a responsible employer, it is your responsibility to make sure that your office is free from any such electricity-related hazards that might put the lives of your workers in danger. Here are four common causes of electrical hazards that can occur in a modern-day office and simple ways to prevent them. 

Overloaded wires and circuits

Wires usually run over the ruling or underneath the floor and employees will hardly ever come into direct contact with them. However, if the type of wires used are not adequate in terms of capacity, resistance or size, it might lead to overheating and eventually fire. Similarly, using improper circuit breakers and overloading of outlets can result in overheating. To prevent such unfortunate accidents from happening, hire a commercial electrician services who is specialized in the field to conduct a safety assessment and make sure everything is in order.

Damaged insulation

Damages caused to the insulation of the office electrical system is a serious problem and must be prevented at all times. Extension cord wires, electrical appliances, power lines and so many different elements can become damaged after years of usage and all employees must be instructed to refrain from attempting to cover these exposed areas with insulation tape. Upon detection, they must report it to the management straightaway so that an industrial electrician Sydney who is trained to handle such a situation can arrive and perform the repair safely.

Wet locations

We all know that it’s never a good idea to operate any form of electrical equipment in wet conditions and are always mindful of it. However, in the busy atmosphere of an office where employees will be fully focused on their jobs, wet conditions that result from water leakages in pipelines or air conditioning systems can dampen the floor without anyone noticing it. The best way to prevent such accidents is by being vigilant about excess moisture in the workplace, and any equipment that has gotten wet must first be subjected to the inspection of a trained professional before using it again.

Overhead power lines

These are located in the exterior of the office and these highly energized wires carry high voltages of electricity. Getting too close to them can bring about deadly consequences to the workers. Therefore, they must be instructed to keep a minimum distance of 10 feet from such power lines at all times. Signage and usage of safety barriers is a great way of encouraging such precaution.